Thread: Proposal: Trade for a Top NHL Winger
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04-07-2010, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
The national hockey media is a bunch of friggin idiots. Do yourself a favor, and stop paying attention to 'em. Sports journalism in general doesn't attract the brightest bulbs, and then you add on that hockey is a marginal sport in the US and you get the weakest elements of that group.

Yes, having VERY good players on your team can lead to positive results. That has NOTHING to do with with their "marketability."

The league DOES NOT take extra interest in the franchises. We have one of the most (if not the most) powerful owners in the sport. We have plenty of pull with the NHL. The NHL is run by morons...stupid crap happens with and to every team in the league. The Flyers are not getting singled out or ignored.
So Simon Gagne can be planted face first into the boards almost breaking his neck just like that. Then get 19 penalty minutes and nothing outside of Philadelphia is reported. But then Steve Downie clamps down on Crosby's leg and the entire world kicks up a fuss about how Crosby and the Pen's season was almost lost? If you think the NHL has nothing to do at least a little with what is reported (especially on, you are blind.

Let's not forget that every time the Caps and Pens play each other, it is epic according to the media ( is the worst at this btw).

The Flyers and Ed Snider have pull with the NHL in terms of getting the Flyers on national television, and like I said before, thats because of the extremely loyal fanbase. Other than direct tv ratings, the Flyers give the NHL nothing else to work with in order to promote what it wants.

I agree the NHL is run by a bunch of morons, however, they aren't going anywhere. Might as well play by their rules. Additionally, I also agree that sports media in general aren't worth a crap, but their voices are still heard and the star players get their teams in that spotlight more often than not. The Flyers get spotlight, however its always for the negative, never the positive.

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