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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Well, it really hard to tell from this video without looking at you in all angles.
But from what I see, I recommend that you build a platform about 2.5 inches off the ground for you to stand on. This will help you with the stick angle when it comes time to cupping the puck correctly with the blade of the stick.

This 2.5 inch platform will compensate the difference for your skates. Then take the video again and let see what it looks like.

What part of Philly do you live in? I am currently in Philly for the next two weeks. I could meet you at your local rink for a one on one coaching session. Won't cost you a thing!

Send me a PM if you want to get together.

Head coach
I actually live in a suburb about 5 minutes out of the city.

While I would love to and that is incredibly generous of you, my skating skills are still really meh and I really would rather not embarrass myself lol. But I really, really appreciate the offer.

Also, the distance between where I'm shooting and my target is roughly 30 feet. I just figured I'd mention that so you can keep that in mind for velocity and accuracy sake. How terrible does my velocity look at this point? I mean I know it's not terrible, but how far away am I from mediocre velocity?

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