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04-07-2010, 02:21 PM
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the np boards were still ok before the changeover to KickApps. yeah, people came and went and got mad at each other and there were definitely "factions" but there was enough legit posting that the petty crap mostly got drowned out. The "Observations" thread was still vibrant and the social side was useful for those who wanted that kind of function. I did like the fact that there were whole different forums for hockey vs social posting. And the PM system was useful and widely used.

The KickApps came and it became extremely difficult to navigate. And I also believe the horribly inefficient personal messaging on kickapps was just as responsible for the breakdown of the "old group" of regulars.

I still post there, and we have started to get a new poster here and there, and if they ever solve the page speed issues that board may yet have a renaissence... only time will tell.

but for now, I am enjoying this board. I mean no offense to the previous mods but with Slake and BFC in charge this forum seems much more receptive to those with, shall we say, less than a professorial level of hockey knowledge than used to be the case

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