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04-07-2010, 03:30 PM
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Game Day Rituals/Superstition/Karma

I searched the forum and didnt find anything about superstitions and good luck rituals except a few things from 2004 so if this is a repeat topic please merge/delete as appropriate..

What are your game day rituals/superstitions/good karma attractors??

I have a lot..

Away games, like today.. I have a lucky coffee mug that my morning java is poured in, I never wear Preds logo on away game days, and I have a hat thats proven luck so far this year.

on home games that I am attending I wear the same jersey until we lose then change it. Same lucky hat. Always get a program, roll it up, and never read it.

home games i cannot attend... nothing... im kinda cheesed that Im not there so i just let it ride...

and of course there is the famous Vold negative mojo, and TPCR in conjunction with 101st fan... both of which work WAY more than coincidence dictates they should...

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