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Originally Posted by SabreTooth3539 View Post
I like the idea of making this forum more personal, I think it makes for a better community. Having a few off topic threads helps us to get to know each other as more than hockey fans, which is really nice.

Also, what's with this forum and real names? I've been on my share of forums over the years and after a while, everyone knows everyone else's real names. It feels so impersonal to constantly refer to each other by some username. Maybe you guys are just paranoid, but I prefer to be called by my name, especially because will forever be spelled wrong.
many of us know eachother in the real world and know each others names but respect each others privacy and stick with screennames for posting purposes. There are some real weird/bad people, sadly... and if they know someones real name, you end up getting phone calls at your house and such...

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