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04-07-2010, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by hof2120 View Post
I actually live in a suburb about 5 minutes out of the city.

While I would love to and that is incredibly generous of you, my skating skills are still really meh and I really would rather not embarrass myself lol. But I really, really appreciate the offer.

Also, the distance between where I'm shooting and my target is roughly 30 feet. I just figured I'd mention that so you can keep that in mind for velocity and accuracy sake. How terrible does my velocity look at this point? I mean I know it's not terrible, but how far away am I from mediocre velocity?
You are passing up and insanely rare and amazingly great opportunity just because you are worried about embarrassing yourself on the ice? First off, he is a coach he has probably seen it all so I doubt he wont care at all. got to get on the ice to learn to shoot at some point doing it in your back yard does help but if you aren't getting on the ice at all its not like you can expect to get on the ice and be able to shoot anywhere near what you can off the ice. Skating is a majority of being able to play ice hockey.

He can prob even give you some pointers on skating...unless I missed it somewhere and you just plan on playing roller or something.

Sorry if I seem I am being harsh but I do not understand what so ever how someone would pass up this opportunity. This is a limited time opportunity that you probably will never have again in your life especially for FREE. Do it.

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