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04-07-2010, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
well, Wal-Mart is opening clinics with nurse practitioners.

the problem is even with doctors calling the shots antibiotics are MASSSIVELY overused because people demand them and doctors dont want unhappy pts and dont want to risk getting sued in the rare case that they might need abx and not give them.

doctors wouldnt mind seeing people for simple stuff it it didnt take so much freaking paperwork to get paid for it by the insurance company.

if everyone had only catastrophic insurance with say a 10,000 deductible, and people paid cash for things like office visits, i guarantee you doctors would accept less money and pts would be happier.
My doctor uses a PA and at my old doctor he used a NP and a PA--my insurance was still charged the same price that they were charged when I finally saw the doctor. I'd guess there are plenty of times when a NP has the skills necessary to diagnose the problem and prescribe the proper drugs--shoot, most times I can narrow it down pretty well. But not always. My most recent ear infection was way out of my league. Shoot, it was out of my DOCTOR'S league which is why he referred me to an ENT.

As for the high deductible insurance, yes, it might cause people to be more proactive in certain things, but the reality is that when we are sick as a dog most of us are not able to negotiate prices. It was all we could do to get out of bed and drag ourselves to the clinic. Honestly, the doctor has us over a barrel at that point. I can't see why the paperwork would be any less with catastrophic insurance only. Someone still has to keep up with the numbers so we'll all know when we hit $10,000.

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