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04-07-2010, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Axxion89 View Post
Thanks for all the info I bought some cheap $1 insoles that were really thin at Walmart and they seem to fit a lot better and my foot seems to fit great! I'll test them on the ice friday and let you all know how it goes
Some guys in here take the insoles out that come with their skates and buy Super feet insoles which are a bit pricey around $40 or so. They seem to help people with arch issues mostly and they swear it helps them skate better and their skate to fit better.

I have some Shock Doctor ones I tried out for $20 and they didn't do it for me. They had too much spring to them.

One thing i did for a specific pair of skate was to cut out an insole from a piece of thick leather. I made it to fit by tracing my feet. then I used a good strong industrial 2 sided sticky tape so it would adhere to the bottom of the skate without sliding around yet be easy to remove should blade maintenance need to be done.

Those worked well for a long time.

Your Walmart ones should do the trick I think though. It is hard to say until you use them though, I do not use my shock doctor ones because it caused me pain in my right knee just under the knee cap and they felt too springy anyway. I had a pretty serious event on that knee when in school and almost lost that leg to infection. It has some cartilege missing from being eaten up by bacteria.

That however is a long story for another thread.

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