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Originally Posted by Escapades View Post
I am a 5'10, 165 pound roller hockey forward. In the beer league I play in I can usually get by with my stick handling skills which are far above average for the league I'm in. However last night I got shut down by the other teams defense pretty badly. They had my number and a game plan to go with it and they stuck to it the whole game. They consistently took the body on me, shadowed me, blocked my shots, and double teamed me. I tried passing it as soon as possible but normally a lot of the offense flows through me so it made things difficult. What tips do you guys have for dealing with this?
This may be a simple idea but it should be used by many beer league teams but it never is because most just have never played organized hockey and were never coached.

Use your point men. If you are being double teamed especially .... that means they have one less guy doing his job covering the point men. It also sounds like the guys you play with do not know how to cycle down low which can also make it difficult for the other team to stay in your jersey all night.

I play D and am always reminding guys to use us back there when they have nothing going on down low instead of coughing the puck up or throwing it around the boards deeper just drop it back to the point men and then get open.

You can then go for a rebound from the Dman's shot, tip in a shot pass, setup an assist, screen the goalie etc.

It opens the ice up for you. Hockey is a team sport and if your team is just watching you dangle they are not playing correctly to begin with and neither are you.

It is great when a guy can stick handle in a phone booth but you just learned why that is not the way to play hockey.

When a Dman figures out your toe drag and you keep doing it you will have a long bad night. Change things up don't always do the same thing. I'll give a quick example .... this guy we played against has a tremndous toe drag move. The team made sure I was out there as well as another guy who can handle that and we made him stop doing it. He instead faked a toe drag and made a pass and was more effective that way for his team.

Anyway my two cents from years of experience if you care to listen to it. use the fact you already know they are going to be right on you and draw them to you then make a pass to a guy who is open, probably the point man.

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