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Alright, we're not out yet, but as I'm ill and bored and I'm procrastinating about school work I thought I'd post this:


GM: Lasse Johansson
Head coach: -
Asst. coach: -
Goalie coach: Krister Holm

Left WingCenterRight Wing
Anders Söderberg*-Jimmie Ericsson
Johan ForsbergYared Hagos P-E Bellemare
Christian SöderströmErik ForssellPetr Tenkrat
Oscar LindbergMartin LundbergMelker Karlsson
Mattias LindströmAdam Petersson?Pär Lindholm?

Left DefenseRight Defense
-Adam Larsson
Pavel SkrbekDavid Rundblad
Tim Erixon-
Petter Granberg? Niclas Burström

Andreas HadelövGustaf Lindvall?**

* I put Söderberg on the first line just because I couldn't fit him on some other line right now.

** I suspect he'll get a contract and might end up in HockeyAllsvenskan on loan.

There's probably some faulty things here, but this is just a guess what we're after:

1. A solid first line center.
2. Two wingers, hopefully two goalscoring ones with grit. (Doubt we'll get that, sadly.)
3. A d-man of good class, preferably one who would be able to bump up our powerplay. I'd like to have Mäenpää here, but I bet Frölunda will snatch him away with a big bag of cash.

I've got a couple of fears, and these are the following:

1. St. Louis brings Rundblad over.
2. Calgary takes Erixon.

That'd create a big hole in our d-man core. Sure, we've got some really nice prospects (Burström, Granberg etc) to replace them, but we'd sort of have to start over once again which would be sad.

So our losses could then be:

David Rundblad
Tim Erixon
Fredrik Warg
Ivan Majesky
Tomas Surovy
Brad Moran
Niklas Strandberg
Christoffer Norgren
Jyri Marttinen
Nicklas Dahlberg

That's the worst case scenario, but I doubt we'll lose all. Personally I'd like to keep Warg (if he agrees to decrease his salary demands, according to Västerbottens Folkblad he's got a nice contract) and Majesky (He's been solid as hell, a bit clumsy some times trying to do solo raids ala Rundblad, but he's a stud in the defensive zone. He's even been better than Skrbek who seems to have had some troubles with injuries lately). I'm quite hopeful that Erixon and Rundblad gets another season in SEL, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rundblad leaves.

So then we'd end up losing the following:

Brad Moran (As much as I like the guy, I feel that he's lost focus. But who wouldnt when you've got Russians offering bags of tax-free money? Can we find a better leading center? I doubt it, but I think we've lost him already).

Tomas Surovy (Sad but true, there's something wrong with him, either he's just crap right now or he's still suffering from his knee injuries. I loved the guy to bits when he first came to us, he wasn't great at first, but he was certainly one of the best on the team while we were on our losing streak (unfortunatly). Tenkrat and him had some nice chemistry.)

Niklas Strandberg (I dislike the fellow, he's sort of who I blame for stuff even though he might not have been involved (Immature? Hell yeah). To be more honest, I feel that he's developed a bit, I think he did a good game last time he had to step in for Skrbek.)

Christoffer Norgren (It's time for change, give us a charismatic captain (Jimmie Ericsson please), he's been better in the playoffs than he was earlier this year. But yeah, it's time for him to leave.)

Jyri Marttinen (Sad but true here as well, seemed like a good kid. But it's kind of impossible to have a guy on your team that several players loath and can't deal with. Bye bye Jyri, you'll always be a hero.)

Nicklas Dahlberg (Needs icetime, and I doubt he'll get it in Skellefteå.)

Alright, so... Rumours you say? Well there's none, other than that we'll have a Swede on try out. Other than that I'll just throw some names out that I think would be something that LJ is looking at:

Patrick Galbraith - We love stealing from Björklöven, and there isn't much else I'd like from that club, so why not Patrick? I doubt it'll happen though.

Joakim Lindström - I'm holding my thumbs for this one, I think that liven up the city once more. More players from the area can never hurt a club.

So... That's all I could come up with player-wise right now. There's basically no rumours. Well, Aftonbladet had one about Michael Holmqvist signing for us, but that's not happening. He wouldn't move up to Skellefteå.

I almost forgot about our new coach, there's been ****loads of names floating around. But nothing concrete, though I wouldn't be surprised if LJ takes a no-name coach. In fact, I'd rather have that then Swinger-Homer from AIK. Or any other old fart that has been whoring around in all clubs in Sweden.

I better go do some lunch and homework now.

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