Thread: OT: McNabb vs Richards.
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04-08-2010, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by DeadPhish5858 View Post
Both. People didnt want both of them at first, they both were supposed to bring a championship, they both suffered with injuries, they both never lived up to what they should have.

I understand trading Lindros.

They shouldn't have traded McNabb.
So you pretty much just pointed out every flaw McNabb has, and admitted that he's never lived up to what he should have been, but we should have kept a declining QB who was never going to win us anything? He had one year left here, and we were not going to win. Why hold on to him?

Originally Posted by FireHolmgrenDotCom View Post
I was shocked when the Eagles traded McNabb, let alone to a divisional opponent.
I really thought McNabb was going to retire an Eagle. I peronally thought he got the short end of the stick with the fans and media. Now I am not a Eagles fan, but I think the guy did everything that was asked of him and did all he could. Who did the Eagles have for a #1 reciever after Owens left?
Anyway the comparison makes no sense. I am not even sure if McNabb can fight.
I never thought he was going to retire an Eagle. I always figured he'd get traded, I just expected it to be Chicago because he's always said he wanted to play in his hometown. And sure, he may have gotten the short stick, but when you have the chances he had to bring home the trophy for us, he choked. Every time. And as far as receivers go, last time I checked none of them were midgets, and with the passes he was dishing out, that's what you needed to catch the ball.

This comparison is a joke. McNabb is an injury prone has-been, that is a shell of his former self. He still has it in him to win games, but he's never going to win the big one. I wish him the best of luck, and appreciate what he did, but for ****s sake, it was time to move on. Richards, on the other hand, is 25 ****ing years old, and the media is pissed because he likes to be young and party. Until I see him fill up one of those water bottles on the bench with alcohol, I don't give a **** what he does on his days off. I probably get more retarded then he does on the weekends; I just don't have the entire Philadelphia media armada following me. How about we wait until the rest of the team follows suit, and gives a **** every game like he does before we run him out of town for not giving quotes. Give it a couple years, and if the media keeps up with their ****, you just may get your wish.

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