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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
We went cheap on a goalie with a very good resume and a history of playing well for us. A guy who will probably generate arguments for the HoF because of the numbers he has collected over his career and the cups he's won. Maybe I'm alone in this but I view that situation slightly different from signing a guy like Ty Conklin whose track record is less stellar.
CB has a completely unrealistic and skewed view on this subject. While I definitely don't hold Ozzie in the highest regard, I readily admit that it flies in the face of reason to compare him to garbage like Conklin and Legace. Legace cracks under pressure, and until last season Conklin was a 30 year old who had never established himself as an NHL regular - he was a AAAA level goalie that bounced around a ton, with several teams giving up on him. In short, we picked him up off the scrap heap. He was better than Ozzie last season, but that doesn't make him good.

Ozzie was never an elite goalie, and I don't consider him to be HoF worthy (much like Moog and Vernon who aren't in). That said, Osgood was a solid, not spectacular, NHL starter for 10+ seasons. So winning a pair of Cups with him in net doesn't mean we could have necessarily won with clearly inferior players like Legace and Conklin.

CB is also failing to acknowledge that Ozzie wasn't always a cheap option. He was waived at the start of the 2001-02 season, in fact, because his salary made him unattractive in trade.

There's really no getting around it. In the next couple of seasons, we WILL be paying some goalie 3M or 4M or maybe even more per season. Will it be Howard? Will it be some other goalie? Time will tell. Holland has to start penciling it into his budget, though. Lidstrom nearing the end of his run mandates it.

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