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04-08-2010, 02:52 PM
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Kronwall has been my favorite Wing since he was called up years ago during the injury plagued month of '04. But with that said I don't think Scotty saying Kronner is not as good as Lidstrom or Rafalski is something groundbreaking. During the cup season Kronwall was great in the playoffs but nothing spectacular during the regular season. He was dominant in almost every facet but he still had the same sort of brainfarts that he has now. Look at game 6 when he turned the puck over to Sykora in the first few minutes of the game. The mistakes don't matter when the puck doesn't end up in the net and during that robotic post season the mistakes were almost always taken care of.

I believe Kronwall is easily a #2 defensemen playing in a comfortable #3 spot but I believe his defense is just as good but the team hasn't been back to that peak. I also don't think that peak is necessary to win the cup either, the way this team has played since it's gotten healthy has been cup contender caliber IMO.
I agree with your assessment. Scotty seemed to be specifically talking about the movement and puck control you get on the points with guys like Lids and Rafalski [i think].

Recall some of the earlier debates about Rafalski's value to the Wings, and maybe being overpaid at $6m. Are Wings posters seriously underrating his importance and what that level of control costs? If Scotty is right, and he usually is, the fact the game has moved from the neutral zone battles to defensive zone battles and maintaining pressure really should enhance the value of the Rafalskis of the league.

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