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09-28-2003, 07:28 AM
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I would be happy to start the season like this...

HILBERT, MORRISONN and a third rounder to the Yotes for Sean BURKE and Chris GRATTON. HILBERT is expendable with the emergence of BERGERON and he has'nt exactly blown anyone away in a bid to make the team this year, something he should have done considering his hype and stage of development. MORRISONN is also expendable considering JILLSON's play and JURICINA's surprising showing in camp. With STUART and JONSSON still in the wings we can afford to deal him if the return is right. We have to strike balance that will ensure we can compete now (thus building confidence in our young core) and developing prospects for the future. Nothing destoys a young players development more then losing day in and day out.

Sign Adam OATES to a one year deal allowing BERGERON at least another year to season in junior. Don't want to rush this kid and he's been compared to OATES so why not ink OATES for a year. I can see Adam OATES and Glen MURRAY clicking no problem. Steve THOMAS is a great team guy, tons of experience and he's scores BIG goals. He would be a great influence on THORNTON IMHO. He would probably like a 1 year deal too so neither guy causes a budget problem after the new CBA.

Between Adam OATES and Chris GRATTON our faceoff win % should improve big time. something we HAVE to address.

Detroit wants Martin LAPOINTE back in the fold but Curtis JOSEPH's salary is way to high for Bruin blood. How about this...

To Detroit-Martin LAPOINTE
To Colorado-Curtis JOSEPH
To Boston-Derek MORRIS

Detroit gets what they want (LAPOINTE and dealing JOSEPH) and they save 3 mil in salary.

Colorado gets a #1 and rids themselves of fairly high salary in MORRIS, thus making it easier to absorb JOSEPH's. They still have BLAKE, FOOTE, SKOULA and SRASKINS as their top 4, not too shabby. SLOVAK, BALLARD and BOYCHUK all have very good potential and all are on the verge which makes MORRIS' loss easier to swallow.

Bruins management has had interest in MORRIS from his days in Calgary and he is exactly what is needed on D in Boston right now. Not too mention the brass sheds Martin LAPOINTE's 5.25 mil salary and takes on MORRIS's (something in the neighbourhood of 2.5 mil) saving almost 3 mil in the process, which helps pay for additions such as OATES, THOMAS, BURKE and GRATTON.




HUML, ZINOJEV, SAMUELSSON, VERNARSKI, DONATO, BRENNAN, KUTLAK and JURCINA back to Providence. I was hoping HUML would be ready this year but I'm not so optimistic, he's getting there but not quiet ready yet. Let him have a big year in Providence and his confidence should begin to grow. ZINOJEV is still an unknown and it would be unwise to count on him to have an impact now. SAMUELSSON and VERNARSKY obviously need more seasoning and DONATO is a depth guy at this point in his career, good to have around should injuries occur.

BERGERON back to the Q

SHIELDS and POTIVIN on waivers or at least one to Providence with TOIVENEN and Tim THOMAS.

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