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04-08-2010, 06:28 PM
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I noticed 2 things that have really bothered me the last couple of games.

2 consecutive games now, we've had a player cross-checked from behind, face first into a one-timer from the point. Hqvist last night, and Weber in the DET game. (led to his xcheck penalty off the face-off, personally I think we were kinda hosed on that one) I've been watching hockey just under 20 years, and I can't recall seeing this before. I'm sure it's happened and I just didn't catch it, but twice in a row like that was pretty disturbing. Could have been really dangerous. Don't have any idea how Pete and Terry didn't notice it right off the bat last night.

The other thing is that have seen a lot of Ward in the D zone standing around, not taking a man, not tying anyone up and seeming to have no idea what to do. He was all alone last night on the Pyatt goal, and I'd like to think that a little pressure could have at least hindered Pyatt a little bit instead of cranking a snapper 15 feet from the net. Of course, it's tough to call out Ward, thought that every single forward was pretty weak in our D zone last night.

Also, the reason I made this thread is to hopefully start something like the obs thread at np. Many, many of us have learned a lot from that thread over there, and it's stayed pretty well on-topic. Personally I'd love to see one over here, and might even chime in from time to time. Don't let that deter you, please. It's been great for info, and I think it would be nice over here.

Would be great if someone had the fortitude to do a G/B/U like BC from years ago, and it helps having a singular thread when you don't have time to wade through a GDT at times.

Feel free to use this one, but if it's just overkill Slake and BFC delete it as needed.

I'll actually be at the game this Saturday, if so, does anyone go to 102/103 preskate anymore?


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