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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
I hate playing "what if" with players. Would his career have been different? Of course, but so would the franchises he was a part of. But he was in Detroit. And because of that he had opportunities to develop in a way that goalies in other organizations haven't and those opportunities happen to have played a role in making him a very attractive, cheap option for goal.

Perhaps it's unfair to downgrade someone like Conklin for not having been put through the pressure cooker of being a #1 goalie and making several long playoff runs. But it's also something that not all goalies handle well. We've seen it with Legace when he put up monster regular season numbers for us only to have went belly-up in the playoffs.

So, back to Howard. IF he does well in the playoffs this season and IF he plays well for the first half of next season AND considering what the UFA crop of goalies look like next summer, are there any realistic options for letting Howard walk and replacing him with someone else? I don't think there is. I don't see the top vets being any more affordable nor do I see any lower end guys who have done anything to lead me to believe they could take the starter job and run with it. Of course, if Howard flops in the playoffs or next season, it opens up a new can of worms any way (going back to Sarcastro's point of this talk being a bit premature).
This entire discussion is based on what ifs/
How does one compare goalies on vastly different teams without some what-if-ism?

And FYI, for the most part, when I compare Ozzie to Conkin, or Legace, I am comparing the Ozzie we know from 2001 and 2007-10, which obviously isn't the same goalie as the Ozzie of the mid and late 90s.

As for Howard, I'd not let him "walk."
I'd trade him.

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