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04-08-2010, 07:18 PM
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From a professional photographer.

Get off the blue line so that its not going up between the shooters legs like he's getting an enema. It also blends with his shorts making him look like he's wearing a hockey kilt instead of shorts. On the all white boards, there will be more definition and look better.

The angle is good, better than the second shot you posted.

Straighten out the pucks and use less of them, spreading them a little further apart so that there is separation in the photo. From the cameras perspective, things will look much closer together due to the lens optics than they will to your eye. The first few pucks might not even be the same distance apart, to LOOK the same distance apart to the camera, so adjust them, look through the camera, evaluate, re-adjust.

As they get further away, they can then blend into one line as they reach the shooter.

Then if you want to make it really clean, like for a poster, you can edit out the ads on the boards to give it a nice clean look.

That is the way I would compose it if I were shooting.

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