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02-16-2005, 12:16 AM
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Rating our team

I just wanted to make a post and attempt to rate our team following the HF prospect scale yet without the A,b,c,d,e since most arent prospects anymore. So without further talk: = rating system
Frolov - 9 (Elite first liner yet calling him a hall of famer now is pushing it)
Luc - 10 (Greatest player ever in his possesion)
Cowan - 5.5 (3-4 liner agitator-checker)
Armstrong - 6.5 (Really shouldnt be a second liner center yet can play second)
Sean Avery - 7.5 (I really think highly of him i wouldn't mind having him on our first line)
Craig Conroy - 7.2 (Solid second line center could play first but really isn't #1 line caliber)
Belanger - 6 (Quality 3rd liner or 4th line center)
Klatt - 7 (Proved last year he could play on second line yet i would never have him on the first line)
Brown - 8 (Will be a first liner yet elite or generational talent i doubt)
Camms - 7.5 (Could play first line yet more suited for second line)
Straka - 7.1 (Really hard to tell with him where he belongs yet i think he is ok for the second line yet once again not a 1st liner)
Visnovsky - 8 (Good 2nd best defenseman is solid in all areas)
Dempsey - 7.2 (Could play 3rd D man yet i see him more as a 4th)
Matty - 8.8 (Most underrated player in the NHL)
Corvo - 5.8 (Close to being a 5-6 defenseman but really more a 7th)
Holland - 5 (7th dman)
Gleason - 8.4 (Maybe will become #1 defenseman yet i'm closer to him being #2)
Aaron - 7.3 (3-4th defenseman nothing amazing yet does his job)
Garon - 7.8 (Wasnt to sure about this one yet i'll say for sure starting golie yet not sure about elite or guaranteed #1)
Cechmanek - 7.3 (Can be #1 golie he just didn't show it since injuries sometimes he showed how he can really play.... Consistency main issue)

This is only the players that play most of the time. With the younger players i kind of went hence forth and predicted what they'd be not what they are right now. Before anyone goes yelling at me for any critics ask nicelly and i'll try and explain my reasoning for my choice.

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