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04-08-2010, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Rgolt View Post
wow, way to complete manipulate the stats in to making it believe that Gomez has been playing better
During those 20 games Gomez had 8 pts in 4 games
take away those 8 pts it wud bring Gomez down to 8 pts
also its quite ironic the the poster chose chose to start counting from the game after pleks had 2 pts, and started where the 1st 2 games pleks had 0 points

Well heres another start for you

Pleks 70 pts
Gomez 57 pts
not convinced yet?

Pleks 2.75 mill
gomez 7.357mill
still not convinced?

Pleks 27 entering his prime
gomez 30 clearly on the decline of his career

Plekanec has easily been our most consistent and best player this season
its mister mediocrity and his 7.357mill thats the problem
Lol why would we take away the 8 points in those games? He still scored them didn't he? The point is he's scoring points at a crucial point in the season where goals and assists are harder to get.

Plekanec's had a very good year and with Halak has been our MVP for the year, but right now is the time he should be stepping up if he's in his prime and he clearly hasn't been. His linemates haven't been good but at the beginning of the year he still managed to put up points while his linemates struggled. I don't know if its his confidence or if he's tired from the Olympics but he doesn't look like the same guy we saw at the beginning of the year.

Everyone knows Gomez is overpaid and Plekanec is still on a RFA deal so comparing their contracts isn't really fair considering Plekanec's will go up to a minimum of around $4.5-5 million this year and who knows he could end up falling back to his point totals from last year. Its just stupid how Gomez gets **** on so much around here yet any time someone says something about Plekanec its not his fault, the blame always ends up going to Gomez because he makes $7.3 million or Andrei Kostitsyn because he's not scoring.

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