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02-16-2005, 05:07 AM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
If they Preds up and leave and take the coaching staff too, there will be a lucky AHL team sitting around somewhere. Nothing like getting one of the best AHL teams in the land plopped right in your lap.
This is a testament to the Preds prospects. The Preds leave, and there won't be any semblance of the same team in Milwaukee.
Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
I wouldn't mind seeing us in a southern city somewhere. Grab some small time local owners, combine with a few retired Preds (like Turcotte) with the majority of the ownership occuring with Leopold, and a new franchise could be created. Maybe Lexington? They had the Thoroughblades whose attendance in their last year was as good as Milwaukee's is this year. The T-Blades even averaged 7,847 in 97-98. And that T-Blades team was 10 games under .500.

I think they would welcome hockey with open arms in Lexington. They have no significant form of it now that I am aware of. I thought they were going to get an ECHL team, but I can't find it anywhere online. They have a humongous arena that is empty most of hockey season (only really used for a few concerts here and there and U.K. men's basketball). The reason Cleveland left was because they were getting a sweetheart deal that Rupp Arena wasn't matching

It'd be great for Preds fans as it would be very easy to travel up and see a game (around 2.5 hours). And any Preds fans in KY would have easier access to the prospects. And fans of the Lexington AHL team could make the drive down BlueGrass PKWY to 1-65 to catch the big club. If Rupp Arena is willing to make a deal, this could be a very viable option. If not, there's always Louisville.
If I remember readin correctly somewhere (maybe InTheCrease), Lexington lost the Thouroughblades due to bad ownership, mainly Florida, but also because U of K didn't want hockey in its arena any longer once the ECHL team went belly-up. Froms some reports I've read, Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida are goin to bring in ECHL teams this next season in hopes of maybe landin AHL teams soon. Orlando is a more "proven" market than Lexington, imo, but there are also more viable options, like Kansas City or goin back to Worchester, before either of the first three are explored.

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