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04-09-2010, 02:28 AM
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Originally Posted by alternate View Post
Sorry, forgot yhe cup is awarded to the team that hits the hardest.

I know when I think of Pitt or Det I think big hitters. Guys like Maltby and Draper, huge hitters.

Same with Carolina and TB. Big tough teams when they won it all.

Only team post lockout who won the cup and would be considered tough and physical would be ANA but having two HOF blueliners coimplimented by Conn Smythe level gaoltending and Selanne, Getzlaf, Perry and MacDonald had more to do with it than anything else I'd say.

Look, I appreciate physical hockey and recognize the value of wearing down the opposition. But not at the expense of icing an inferior team to get it. The. Blueprint for winning in today's NHL is not running your opponent through the end boards. Its about having 20 skaters thab contribute above and beyond finishing a check and winning the special teams battle.

Simply look at the team MG has assembled; clearly he agrees. Welcome to the present. Being tough doesn't beat teams like Det or Chi. Period.
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EDIT: lol at quoting myself by mistake.
I disagree.

Toughness, physical, hitting whatever you call it is important in the playoffs.

You can't just identify one thing and say its not important.

Being tough ie good at fighting is not much help. But being good at forechecking and hitting is very important.

- It wears down the opposition.

- It creates turnovers.

- It creates momentum. In the playoffs its all about momentum shifts, and using that to propel you.

- Initiating physical play will likely force the other team to react and retaliate. IE. you get on the pp.

The thing is just because detroit doesn't fight doesn't mean they aren't tough. They hit quite often, and they go to the net like crazy.

Stuart hits hard, kronwall is likely one of the deadliest hitter in the league. Franzen/Holmstrom all go to the net. Even datsyuk hits a lot.

If you watch darren helm, in the playoffs all he did was skate his lungs out, go to the forecheck and try to wear down the opposition.

Its all about winning puck battles.

So the hordichuks are very much useless in the playoffs. The Ryan Clowes on the other hand are very effective.

And i don't get the comment how a bigger team is inferior?

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