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04-09-2010, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by haleks View Post
If you do workout to increase your muscle mass you'd gain weight. Muscle are heavier then fat. Do some heavy lifting with less repetition and not so much cardio or light lifting with lots of repetition (burn a lot of calorie without adding a lot of muscle mass).

You probably already know this. Just putting it out there.
Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
Lots of Rangers fans in Anaheim this weekend.

Garbage Goal, are you eating at least 6 meals a day, every 2-3 hours? If not, you should start doing that. I know when I used to be damn skinny I'd talk about my eating habits just the way you are. I'd tell people how insanely fast my metabolism was and how I could eat tons of horrible food all day long and not gain any weight and all that. Eventually though, I learned some things and realized that my eating habits were not what they should have been for an attempt to gain weight. There's more to it than a lot of people think, especially for ectomorphs. Perhaps you're already aware of this stuff, but I have no idea whether you are or not so figured I'd mention it.

And as haleks should be doing heavy lifting, and not much cardio. And when I say heavy lifting, I mean heavy ass lifting at the p90x bs like I am currently doing.
Don't have access to a gym or weights. Don't have that much freedom in choice of what I can eat.

I'm just concerned about keeping my weight up more then anything. I already meet the running requirements for the military, I just have to pass the push-up and sit-up tests.

Also, it's not like I'm all fat or anything. I try to stay in shape and keep my weight up without weights and stuff. Considering my weight I'm actually fine with my arm strength. The perfect way to describe me is lanky.

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