Thread: Speculation: End of the line for Sather?
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04-09-2010, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by dfallone View Post
you guys are ridiculous... cutting up mark messier... if you learned anything from 94... its that messier is a winner .... any fool can put together a team ... in order to be a good gm ... you need to know the game of hockey and you need to be able to notice talent when you see it... messier would be a great gm ... he definitley has many friends in the hockey world and he would make great trades... the problem with sather was his free agent signings... i am positive messier won't make any mistakes like that .... and knowing the type of guy he is ... he will probably keep his home grown players like everyone on this board would admire ... i would give him a chance ... plus... he has accountants and advisors helping him with all the cap situations and other fine details....

MARK "The MOOSE" MESSIER - best ranger all-time ... if he thinks he could do it... give him a chance
was messier a 'winner' during his 2nd stint with the rangers when we missed the playoffs every single year?? the funny thing about leadership, chemistry, 'knowing how to win' and all that other stuff people talk about it ONLY results in actual winning if you have a good team. if you have a crappy team it doesn't matter how much you know to win you are still a crappy team.

and being a great captain on the ice due to the fact that you were also the best player is not the same as being a good gm. lots of times mediocre players make better coaches/gms because they had to use their brains more while the superstars just did things naturally and can't think like a normal player.

now thats not to say that messier won't be a very good gm. he clearly knows the game and what it takes to win, and we all know that he loves the rangers and wants them to win. but that doesn't change the fact that he has no experience in that role and learning at the nhl level isn't easy. most people don't become nhl gms as their first job. if he was the gm of hartford for a few years first i think people will be more comfortable.

but above all i think people are concerned about it because we all know that messier will get the job because it is the 'sexy' pic and it will be a hugely popular pick due to his history with the franchise, not because he was the best candidate...i bet they don't even interview anyone else. if they interviewed a bunch of guys and determined mess was the best for the job that would be different.

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