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04-09-2010, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by mnwildgophers View Post
I was thinking about this last night, and Russo had brought it up earlier in a blog post, can't remember which one.

We have a lot of depth on the side of defensemen, our locks to playing in the NHL next year are Zidlicky, Zanon, Schultz, Burns, and Barker. Someone else brought this up too that we have potentially 5 top 4 defensemen. Burns looks to have his mojo back, and I like him paired with Barker. Zidlicky and Zanon are a good combo because they were paired together in Nashville and know the other well. That leaves us with Schultz paired with whoever AHL guy we have up here, or if we choose to use a depth signing this offseason on a d-man, a 2-way contracted guy, or Noreau or Falk or whoever. Our D-corps look set, but we also have a lot of defensive prospects in our system.

We signed Prosser as a college FA, and he looks to be a decent D-man, but could probably benefit from a year or so in the AHL. I suppose he will spend a year in the AHL. Also down there we have Justin Falk, and Max Noreau. Both of these guys are pretty much ready for the NHL, and can probably play up here next year. In addition to these 3, we also have Tyler Cuma and Marco Scandella playing in the AHL next year. This leaves us with a lot of D-men for the years to come, so we can see why Leddy was possibly traded, and Barker can hopefully play well next year.

This leads me to think that we could possibly move out some of the D-men in the system being at the AHL or NHL level, and get some sort of scorer in return coupled with picks. Burns would yield the most return, but I think he's at a sell low right now, and if he continues his play like he has at the end of this year, most of us don't want him to move since he is very skilled. I don't think Noreau nor Falk would garner much attention via the trade market, but they could possibly fill in if someone is traded.

I can't see Zanon, Zidlicky, Barker, or Burns being traded, but the others probably could be. What kind of return could we see with these guys? I think teams in cap trouble that can only take prospects in return that are looking for d-men prospects, we could make a deal. Who do you think is moving out?
I've been thinking the same thing, especially since Stoner and Prosser have looked pretty good when they've played, Falk wasn't bad, and Cuma and Scandella are reportedly even better than those three. Addressing a shortage by leveraging a surplus seems right up Fletcher's alley.

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