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04-09-2010, 03:13 PM
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How do you deal with a really bad linemate?

So we have a guy on my team, we play C league and this guy he's probably not even good enough for D league. Since he's friends with a bunch of guys and he was on the team before all of us, people don't want to kick him off.

Now last night and various other times in the past I got stuck on this guy's line. Now let me be the first to point out that I'm not claiming to be all that great. However, playing with this guy was the most frustrating experience ever. We were playing a team who was clearly superior to us in terms of individual skill. Most of their guys were probably kids who played in high school, most of them were young, very fast, could skate well with the puck, pass well, had good shots, etc. This was a team who dropped down from the division above us.

We actually got to the 3rd period tied 3-3 due to our goalie's heroics and the other team's lack of good defense (then the wheels fell off).

Anyway, every time my line was on the ice we were always pinned in our zone. The puck would end up on that guy's side and he would just swipe at it and turn it over. He can't shoot, he can't pass with any velocity. He couldn't keep up with us at all (I'm probably one of the top two or so fastest skaters on the team, he's definitely the slowest) and is just a turnover machine. We could never get possession of the puck in the offensive zone because it always felt like a 5 on 4 out there (maybe worse). We ended up scoring a goal on a turnover on the forecheck (my other linemate forced a turnover, I got the puck shot it, goalie saved, then the guy who forced the turnover put it in), otherwise, we had no offense whatsoever.

Anyway, enough of ranting, how does one deal with this type of player? I know I'm not good enough to just skate around everyone and do it myself and nor was my other linemate.

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