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04-09-2010, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Webernaut View Post
Wasn't trying to be a dick but a good inline player can stop on a dime better then anyone can stop on ice. It's def easier to stop dead.
I'm going to disagree with this, this comes from a guy who sold his roller stuff from almost killing himself several times because he played ice hockey his whole life haha.

I found stopping in roller to be extremely difficult and extremely different than ice hockey.

This board has seen MANY who transitioned from roller to ice and they had the same problems stopping because they were used to roller.

I would do as Noobman said and assume roller to be a not stopping on a dime activity. I know I just sick at it but whatever!!

I know guys who play it all the time can .... but from a novice to roller point of view i disagree with you I even almost was killed taking a slapshot and then stopping on the puck out of habit like i would do on ice and took a terrible wipeout ass over teakettle. it was very brutal.

if the game was straight line with big turns or transitioning to skating backwards without stopping involved I would be okay ..... maybe... I would be all set

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