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04-09-2010, 04:18 PM
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You dont need a pro camera, but a dslr definitely helps. Point and shoots are tough.

Some rinks are just caves when it comes to lighting. Our eyes adjust to it and it doesnt look bad, but to a camera it is. The rink I play at locally is like this and even with a pro body and lenses, its hard to get a fast enough shutter to stop the action.

But your best bet, if you do not have a lot of control over ISO, shutter and aperture, is to just use a "sports" mode if your camera has it. Then set the ISO as high as it will go if its a dark arena and then the camera will use the fastest shutter it can and should do the best you can do with it.

Other issue is with exposure is that there is a lot of white out there and that much white can confuse the internal light meters on cameras as well.

Its hard, that is why there are pro shooters that make good money doing it. Try what I suggested above and hope that will get you by.

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