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04-09-2010, 09:41 PM
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Man, am I the only one who absolutely loves our current home/away combination? I think it's best in the league by far. Modern, sleek, fashionable... I don't feel like a frat boy when I wear it out in public. The thirds are alright, classy, but I'm sick of navy. We had something slightly unique with gold, silver and blue, but navy and white is becoming overdone, it's like the new red and white.

Actually, I have a question about the jerseys that maybe someone here can help me with. Back in the fall I bought an away reebok premier Arnott jersey (yeah I know you're thinking "wtf Arnott?!" but he was always a childhood hockey idol back when he played on the oilers and the preds didn't even exist...) anyway, I was pretty surprised to see that the numbers and name plate weren't even stitched on, just some sort of vinyl material ironed onto the jersey. It's the first rbk jersey I've purchased, so I thought maybe all premier jerseys are just like that. But then a buddy of mine picked up a Nabby premier jersey with numbers embroidered on and a nameplate with every individual letter carefully stitched in. And another friend picked up a Duchene premier jersey with the same improved quality. They bought theirs in-store, so is it just a matter of being cheap like that? I'm pretty skeptical now, since I'm planning on ordering a home jersey now that I know they'll be discontinued, but I want to have that good quality but don't want to dish out an extra couple hundred in order to get the authentic reebok jersey, especially when I know other premier jerseys have the embroidered letters and numbers. Does anyone know if this is because of ordering off of rather than picking one up in-store, and them cutting corners and subsequently cutting costs, or is it just a Predators jersey thing? Any help would be much appreciated.

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