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04-10-2010, 02:02 AM
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Originally Posted by William H Bonney View Post
R.J. Umberger is stilling mulling his offer. I really hope he accepts.

It sounds like Tom Gilbert will play when (if) he's offered. I'd assume he'd get an invite. He had a rough year this season but he's been dynamite the last 15 games or so for Edmonton.

I think one thing some of us here are overlooking is that the World Championships are starting late this year. The first US game last year was April 25th. This year it's May 7th. We could be adding players eliminated after the 2nd round of the playoffs. Unless something miraculous happens, at least one of Tim Thomas, Jon Quick, Jimmy Howard, or Craig Anderson will be available. I'm not sure they'd all accept invites (I don't think Quick would) but I'm sure at least one would accept the call and take the reins on the starting job for the tournament. I'm just mentioning the goalies because that's what the big concern seems to be for most at this point, although Esche (who always answers the call) is adequate enough for this tournament.

I just hope a couple of the young Olympians accept their invites and soon to set the tone for the rest of the American players going forward. I'd love to see guys like Ryan, E. Johnson and Kessel step up and lead the charge for this team and challenge the rest of the young American talent to follow suit.

P.S. Maybe it's the American hockey homer in me, but I'm really praying that Mike Modano and Keith Tkachuk take one last chance to represent Team USA. That would be beyond awesome for us as fans but I'd love for our new generation to spend some time with those two on the international stage. Pipe dream, I know.
funny thing about your last part; I had the same exact thought earlier today. After watching the "farewell" to Modano and Tkachuk, I just thought these guys should give old glory one more run and play hockey for 2 more weeks representing the country that they have battled for so many times. I think it would be flat out awesome, 100% full of class, and a great example to send to all the Americans playing pro hockey.

I honestly thought the third line could look like this: Tkachuk- Modano- Conroy... all 3 are surely done, and with the exception of the injured Weight, and playoff bound Guerin, they are what is left of the greatest era of USA Hockey.

I hope Burke can convince them to just do it 1 more time, its only 2 weeks, then they are done forever.....I think the players themselves would like one more crack at representing their country, and I would really love to see them have a sendoff wearing the red, white, and may be a pipe dream, but I think it would send goose bumps up my spine hearing their names one last time representing the US...

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