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09-28-2003, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Stevex
I realised what you meant later.. thought you were judging them on what they had done recently and Eager has been quite impressive recently as opposed to the tourney.

Stats dont tell the story at all - unless you think Randall Gelech was the best prospect out of all the Coyotes, Ducks, Kings and Sharks there as he was the top scorer after all . Didnt you just say in the other thread that your scout friend judged the Coyote prospects to be doing better than the Canucks? Im not sure but I think you've got a case of the grass is greener on other teams.

I agree though.. I expected a bigger impact from our rookies - specifically Leneveu, McLeod, Podlesak, Spiller and Knyazev. Leneveu has been better than I expected when he played but obviously they feel he's one for the future since it is rare to see a goalie graduate so fast. Podlesak and McLeod have had obvious injury problems. Spiller has done reasonably well I believe and personally I didnt think he looked out of place last year either.. although he isnt better than the NHL regulars at this point. Knyazev has been very very quiet which is disturbing but its obviously too quick to write anyone off.. and actually not being noticed can be a reflection of good play for defensemen IMO.

On the flip side we have guys doing unexpectedly well like Tanabe and Kolanos.. hopes were dampened down around here for valid reasons but they look good.

Not sure where you got the impression about the grass is greener analogy stevex. I was simply pointing out that our prospects are not producing points in exhibition play or in the rookie tourney for that matter with the exception of Gelech when compared to the prospects on many other teams. Many prospects on other teams are contributing with some serious production. Perhaps, BF is working on a defensive concept, maybe he's playing the vets in situations where other teams are seeing what their prospects can do, or mayb and I hope this is not the case, our prospects are not talented enough to contribute, at least not yet. Tanabe and Ossi with mostly veteran fwds. played most of the pp the last game as case in point where some teams would be playing prospects in the same situation. I guess what I'm getting at is we now have a pretty good lineup, pretty deep in terms of numbers at all positions and I'm having difficulty figuring out where all of our prospects are going to fit in over the next couple of years in order for this team to move forward. Which current players will be gone to open up spots for them. Which players will develop into stars and elevate their play? I'm looking for answers on how to get this team over the 1st round playoff .500 type hockey that it has and IMO will continue to play unless we continue to upgrade and find a way to fit our high end prospects or future free agent help into the lineup.

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