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04-11-2010, 03:05 AM
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Originally Posted by fly4apuckguy View Post
I just took a quick glance at some other defensmen in the NHL with similar point totals and +/-, and Nick is about in the middle, and more often paid less than guys in his range. Not to mention he is an assistant captain and took less than he could have been paid on his last contract by signing before he became a UFA.

Show some loyalty. We all want players to do it, but as fans, take the guy with the most games played as a Wild player and throw him out, huh?

What a superfan you are.
In fairness, this is a lot nicer than the other "appreciation" thread.

Originally Posted by mnwildgophers View Post
He is overpaid, but he is still a decent defensive d-man. I wouldn't mind seeing him traded since we have such a stock of defensive prospects, but he is a nice guy. We tend to pick out the bad things that he does, but he does do quite a few things that are good. I don't really like him though.
He's not really overpaid (in terms of when the deal was made); the problem is the length. No one likes to see a second-pairing guy with a six-year deal that takes out a few years of free agency.

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