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04-11-2010, 12:34 PM
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A theory about ticket sales and next year

I'm think, you guys should hav eknown that by now. First off, ticket sales are down for the individuals which has been the beard and butter of the Preds for a solid decade now. Why? Simply because Craig Leipold screwed the pooch and pissed off the corporate base. He was an outsider and showed little humility when it came to the potiential of the Greater Nashville businesses. He EXPECTED these companies to jump on the bandwagon and start giving him money. It was a lazy attitude.

Now comes the new ownership group. The individual ticket sales went down simply because of the fact that Nashville has 17% of it's population at or below the poverty line. (Per the Tennessean) Think about that. This is not Detroit or any other rust belt city but Nashville. But the total number of tickets did not go down simply because the corporate base stepped up to the plate. Hell, let's look at the sponsorships the new ownership group picked up for the team. Bulova for the broadcasting. Bulova is not Wendy's or the local convence store. The quality of the sponsorships is up big time, basically the team went from Columbia to Brentwood in 2 years. (not that there is anything wrong with Columbia.....)

Now comes the theory. The economy will get better and the "Joe Blow" fan will come back. If the team can keep up with the corporate funding and the mid-level income fans come back will this team average 16K next year?

I know this sounds insane but think about it. The one area the Preds are hurting is the one place the team usually is strongest at. And the one area which it has been hurting is getting stronger. Per ESPN the attendance is 14.9K which is about average and the locals have reduced the # of comps. If the economy comes back, I would not be surprised to see 15.5 next year possibly 16K.

We will know if this is plausable when ticket prices come up.

I think this pipe dream that is the Nashville Predators is starting to come to fruition.

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