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04-11-2010, 12:46 PM
Digging the Sarchasm
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Quite possible. I admit I don't keep up with the finer details as much as I should, but I see action happening on the streets. I bought a season ticket for this past season due to finally convincing some poor employer to hire me. Dad did the same with the same situation and we both renewed for next season. We liked the team before but didn't have the cash.

When our company started hiring more people we took one of the new guys to a game and now he's hooked and has been buying individual tickets for weeks with plans to go full season next year for both his wife and himself.

I work with and know many people who like the team but simply didn't have the spending money to go downtown when it was game time.

If...I said IF...things get better in the near future then yeah, all these people may start coming out more frequently. I don't know how much on a large scale, but the people I know would leap at the chance to go to more games if they could afford it. I can only assume it'd be the same across the board.

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