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09-28-2003, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr. van Nostrin
First off, it's preseason...But should we be concerned with the lack of offense...I mean, all I keep hearing is Luoma is slow, Bergeron looks awful, Ferguson is in a coma, Semenov looks terrible...Fact is, will we be able to score once the season starts...

3 goals vs Cgy
1 goal vs CGY
2 goals vs Vcr
2 goals vs Minny

Ouch...Again, it's preseason...Looking forward to a lineup that resembles more like the opening night lineup...
It's way to early to panic. Edmonton's high scoring offence of last year scored 231 goals, ranking 9th in the league. The fact that 40 of those goals, in the form of Comrie and Marchant, are gone and there are no obvious replacements is no reason for despair.
I think the general feeling on this board is that trading Comrie for a d-man is the obvious answer. It isn't offense we need, it's a defence that doesn't allow the opposition more than 1 goal a game. With the Super-D man we get for Comrie the lack of offense will be irrelevant.