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04-11-2010, 05:16 PM
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I'd like to see Torts one more season with a team that may actually have potential to score goals. I mean, the choice of Joker tonight was probably the the one thing he has done all year that had really pissed me off. The shuffling had its moments, but that was just awful. I digress.

Don't re-sign Joker. Obviously. Keep Prust, and Shelley.

Just get rid of ****ing Redden. Seriously, anyway possible. Rozy, him too, please. He was okay down the stretch, but he's not getting paid to be okay. Pathetic.

Girardi would be decent on this team if it wasn't a steaming pile of crap, I wouldn't mind him coming back.

Get a god damn play making number one center for Gaborik. Sorry, Christ, and Dubi just aren't options. Arty still isn't ready, if he ever will be, either. Someone mentioned Backstrom, that would be awesome, but I doubt it.

Don't get Kovalchuk. I truly believe he'd play awful here. Edit: Maybe "awful" is the wrong word. I just don't think he'd be worth a huge signing.

Keep Christensen. He could be a pretty good 2-3rd line center, I think. Keep Prospal as well. He was streaky, but so was Gaborik.

Sather... god does it even matter? It's still going to be awhile before the damage is reversed whether or not he is here. He'll still be around long enough to ruin free agency signings for this coming season.

That's all I've got.

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