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04-11-2010, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by RegalRangers View Post
I don't want a big name coach I want the next Dan Bylsma.
I'm sure it is real hard to come in as a head coach on a team of five top 2 draft picks all of which under 25 years old. It must suck to have Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Staal, Gonchar, Orpik, Letang.etc .etc .etc over Lundqvist, Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Zherdev, Rozsival, Mara.etc .etc .etc

Comparing these coaches is simply ridiculous. We brought Tortorella in last year on the Renney sinking ship, and he managed to turn the team around into a playoff spot, and take the Capitals to seven games, in a series we had absolutely no business being in.

Who is to say if Tortorella wasn't on the Penguins, they would be first in the Eastern Conference?

After seeing Renney fired last year, then our struggles this year, something has become very clear.

It wasn't Renney, it isn't Tortorella.


Without Lundqvist, we are a bottom three team in the NHL. Last year we had a mediocre defense, atrocious offense. This year, we have an atrocious defense, and somewhere in between atrocious and mediocre offense. Even if Jesus himself coached this team, we would still be mediocre. Our team currently is Henrik and Gaborik, and Gabby had to play hurt during the final stretch.

All is not lost. We have a plethora of prospects (albeit still only prospects) coming up through our system. With the likes of Grachev, Stepan, Kreider, McDonagh, Sanguinetti, Werek, and even guys like Hagelin, Kundratek, Valentenko, at the very least, we have our young supply of role players every cup contender needs. Whether any of these guys (mainly Kreider imo) develops into a superstar is another question. Also, hopefully, this loss of Revenue inspires Dolan to fire Sather, and bring in a competent GM (PLEASE NO MESSIER). I'd be happy with promoting Schoenfeld. We need to do something like this in the offseason.

Don't resign Olli (5.5)
Banish Redden (6.5)
SOMEHOW Get rid of Brashear (Maybe Brashear for an under-35 overpaid player, banish to HFD? Just SOMETHING) (1.4)
Trade Gilroy (I think he is like 1.4-1.5? not exactly sure)
Field Offers for Girardi, if there is a good offer take it, if not, We should be glad to have him back. Say resign him for ~2 yrs @ 2.5m
Resign Staal 6 @ 4m
Resign Prust 1 @ 750k
Bring up Grachev
Bring in Sangs
Bring in cheap UFA Defensiveman (Boullion, Seidenberg.etc)

Now, the one thing we CANNOT do this offseason is sign a guy like Marleau, Plekanec, or (I know I will get blasted for this one) Volchenkov. Volchenkov will likely demand ~5m, and that would be another bad contract that will hurt us in the future. We simply cannot afford 5m for a strictly defensive defensemen. Also, his style of play takes a toll on his body, and the last thing we need is an oft-banged up defenseman making 5m.

IF we make a push for a FA, it has to be Kovy, although I'm not even sure we should. If he demands anything north of 8m (cap hit obv, we don't care if he wants frontloaded deal) wish him the best of luck and walk away. We need a center FAR more than him anyway. Maybe look in the trade market for somebody like Roy, Weiss.etc The last thing we need is to be cap-strapped for the next 10 years. We are NOT one Kovalchuk away from winning the cup. We need to be patient, bring in young developing talent, keep cap space open for when we are close. In a cap era, flexibility is key. In 2-3 years, when Henrik, Gabby, Staal, Del Zotto, Cally, Dubi, Arty are all 2-3 years better, and players like Grachev, Stepan, McDonagh, Kreider.etc are beginning to make their mark, we will be set for a serious cup run. Until then, we need patience.

We have a bright future. This will be a crucial offseason in determining the future outlook of our New York Rangers.

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