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02-17-2005, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by nine_inch_fang
See I'm not so sure of that. From the beginning the PA said if you talk about massive rev. sharing and a cap that is not linked we can talk. That is almost a direct quote from Saskin when he was on that Canadian TV show with Burke. Bettman said yesterday that the owners were looking at 100 million in profit sharing since the beginning and the PA only asked for 88. If that is true why wouldn't you have brought that up in August? Niether side wanted to come off of their demands until it was to late.
But did they ever make a proposal to that end? I can sit here all day and give quotes one way or the other but in the end they never proposed it until the very end.

You may view this as mincing words, but the second they proposed it, the NHL was willing to talk about it.

And another point: why put an offer out if in the end you won't accept it? He could have at least negotiated the triggers a little bit, but instead he showed his colors: his own proposal was a PR stunt.

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