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04-11-2010, 10:08 PM
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just read through this thread... some misinformation about the Canucks, and thought I'd provide some actual info on the team as well...

Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post

It's why I'm hopeful. Vancouver has scored 33 more goals this season than the Kings, BUT... The Kings have allowed fewer (219 to 222) and we're 100% healthy. Their D is banged up right now, and it's all about defense in the playoffs.

They also have a sub-.500 record on the road. They're the only playoff team where that is the case. If the Kings can manage to steal one game in Vancouver, they'll have a good chance.
The defense is missing a big piece... Mitchell is out and likely gone for these playoffs. But they have the rest of the guys all back, and all should be fully healthy by the start of the series.

As far as the goals allowed, the Canucks actually have a pretty big gap in goal differential.

I'd also take the road record with a grain of salt... their road record has improved consistently through the year after starting off horribly and playing a big chunk of that without Daniel and several games with Luongo out at the same time. Between October and February, their road record improved each month, and after the first two months has been over .500 each month. They also finished the 14-game road trip with a solid 8-5-1 record.

Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
Phoenix is a better team then Vancouver. We should be happy about this.

Final Records:
Canucks 49-28-5 103pts
Coyotes 50-25-7 107pts


Bryzgalov > Luongo

Also Vancouver hasn't been that good lately, they're very mediocre on the road, and they have some injuries on defense.
The road record is explained above... and there's only one injury on defense. As for as the Phoenix vs. Vancouver thing, overall season records have a lot of factors effecting them including divisions and schedules.

The Canucks however are 2-0-2 against the Coyotes this year.

And as far as match-ups with LA go, the Canucks are 3-1 against the Kings this season, with their only loss the blowout loss recently, but they won 3 straight prior to that... the Kings scored 12 goals in those 4 games, including the 8 goals in their only win (3.0/game) while allowing 12 as well.

The Kings have a much better record against the Coyotes, going 3-2-1 this season against them, while scoring 20 goals in those 6 games (3.33) while also allowing 20 goals in those games.

So is Phoenix a better team? The Canucks have not lost in regulation to them this season, and they have a better record against the Kings this season, than the Kings do against Phoenix. So which is the easier match-up?

Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
Canucks have Hordichuk, Rypien, and Glass are regulars, Kings better consider Clune and Ivanans over Halpern.
the only one of those 3 that is a regular right now is Rypien - and that's because Johnson is out for another 3-5 weeks.

The starting lineup for Vancouver should look like this:


the extras are Hordichuk, Glass and Pettinger.

With that said, it should be a good series... wish we had Mitchell around to cover Kopitar, but the Canucks strength is their offense now and they will rely on that and hope Luongo can bail them out when needed.

The Canucks do have 6 25 goal scorers this year .. you won't find many teams that have those kind of numbers. The Kings by comparison have just 1 - with Brown almost there at 24, and Smyth who would have been there if he played all season.. still the depth clearly favors Vancouver.

This should also be a big playoffs for the Sedins, who are still trying to prove they aren't just regular season monsters and can perform in the playoffs. They were PPG in the playoffs last year, and will be looking to improve on that. Both have had phenomenal seasons, Henrik with a franchise record setting 112 points, and Daniel was on pace for 111pts, had he not missed those 19 games. Still while out for 19 games, he still managed to outproduce the Kings scoring leader (Kopitar), while the Canucks have 2 other producers (Kesler, Burrows) who put up better numbers than the Kings #2 guy (Brown).

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