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04-11-2010, 11:18 PM
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Yeah, obviously Bob Cole is a couple steps behind and off the reality of the play, but he is miles ahead of any commentator in terms of expressing the excitement of the game through his voice and diction.

The point isn't to simply tell you what is happening, you can see for yourself, or to give you more insight to whats going on, that's the colour guy's job. The point is to give the game a narrative background, so you aren't just watching 2 teams playing a hockey, but a story of 2 teams playing hockey. Cole is able to be dramatic without being contrived, when you hear him you can tell he is authentically excited about the game, and its ebbs and flows are reflected through him.

Guys like Hughson are ok, but it just seem that they want to be objective as impossible, when the object is to be impartial. It seems to me they are interested in a game technically but not involved emotionally. There's a difference to being excited by a hit, a save or a goal and raising your voice momentarily, and being excited by a change of momentum and have your voice reflect that through the rest of the period or whatever.

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