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04-11-2010, 11:03 PM
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I wanted the team to sell at the deadline and get cold instead of hot a few weeks ago and am pretty disappointed we didn't end up worse than we did. I never root against the team on a play-by-play basis but I do have a realistic outlook on the team and the league.

What if we wont today? We were going to sneak into the playoffs and go into a series against the best team in the league with a goalie who had to carry us there and, for some insane reason, had to play roughly 80 games over the time period of a normal NHL season. Not only would we probably have gotten embarrassed in round 1 but that extra playoff revenue might have decreased the chances of Dolan making big changes which is really what we all agree needs to happen if this team wants to win in the near future. Because of that I think missing the playoffs is perhaps more beneficial to the franchise than getting swept by the Caps would have been.

With that said it would have been nice to get a top pick. We were pretty close a couple weeks ago. Had we gone south in the standings instead of getting hot and finishing 9th we might be drafting a franchise player in a few months. It's still possible but much less of a guarantee. Look at the top teams, the top scorers, the 50 goals scorers this season... pretty much all you see is top draft picks. Until we get one, or get a few more 6th or 7th round gems like Hank which is nearly impossible, this team is just going to float between 5th and 10th every year. That's what I thought before this hot streak, it's what I think now and it's why I would have been perfectly happy to see this team finish bottom of the conference instead of 9th or even 8th.

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