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04-12-2010, 09:17 AM
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I think too many cheifs at the top of this corporate structure. I don't think the OTTP is the problem as much as the structure that is there for MLSE. I mean they spend close to the cap and probably spend millions upon millions in scouting and support staff. I do not agree with the direction they are going but I guess we have to give them a couple of more years to see if they make it happen. I think having one owner would be nice but I don't know if the NHL would allow Balsille to buy the Leafs and I say that mildly.

Toronto's failures for the last five years or so stem directly from lack of proper direction of the management at the time. Picking a slow big team when the NHL was headed for a more open type of hockey. Trading away good assets for bad goalies and having to pay for them still. They tried to cover one mistake with two others. I think that was not more evident then when he signed Blake. There was a point there where free agents wanted to come to TO. After a few years of seeing that mess they changed their options. I think Pat Quinn made some bad moves but he was trying to win a cup. It's not his fault that Nolan blew his knee and Gilmour as well. They lost a lot of respect when he was let go. He was still old school and respected in the boys club. Quinn should have stayed, he had a tremendous record as a coach with the Leafs and maybe his personality was too big for some, they should have found someone that could have dealt with him and use his experience.

This mess is still all from JFJ and his stupid no trade clauses. I thought those were given to players that may take a discount in salary to have some stability. McCabe and Tucker were very well paid in my opinion-too well paid for a NTC. He traded away youth and assets for unproven assets and assets that their original teams did not want. That should raise a flag right there. He was here for a short time and handcuffed the franchise for almost a decade.

If we can blame ownership for one thing then that is hiring the wrong person for the job. They made that same mistake with the Raptors. I'm still skeptical with Burke but I will give him a couple of more years. The one thing I do know. The next man that is the architect of a stanley cup winner will be able to punch there ticket to the hall of fame immediately. Everyone knows, it will be a monumental task to erase almost fifty years of frustration.

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