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09-28-2003, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
What are you ranting and raving about? I said I don't like Brisebois since I like tough hockey. Brisebois isn't a tough hockey player. But I realize he's still a quality player and an asset when used properly. What part didn't you understand exactly?
As I said, I wasn't pointing you at all. That was a message to all the booers and Breezer-bashers for no special reason. If you don't like players that are not tough, that's fine with me, I have the same preference. I didn't like the play of Brisebois last year but he didn't deserve to be booed before he touched the puck. BTW, offensive-oriented D are in all Stanley Cup winner teams. To win the Cup, you need at least one D offensive-oriented.

Bad plays of Brisebois pisses me off but booers pisses me off further more. Don't forget that Brisebois was playing with an ankle injury last year, like Perreault was playing with an injury for the second part of the season. If a player is playing too many minutes and is used injured in critic situations we have to blame the coach or the GM. The coach says the player go in the ice, the player goes. An order is an order.

I hate mediocrity from the players as much as for any human being - including hockey fans. Some of them doesn't deserve my respect.

Let brisebois a chance to prove he still can play a good offensive game. With injury-free season and a brand new start, he can put up points like 3 years ago.

Just my two cents comments...

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