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04-12-2010, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
The best thing that could happen for Leaf Nation would be for the Leafs to be sold to a single owner like Jim Balsillie for example. An owner that cares only about winning as a Sports Team no matter the cost.

Since we know MLSE in not going to sell then the next best thing would be to give Balsillie a team in Southern Ontario and give direct competition to MLSE..

It would make MLSE change the way they do business, if the other Toronto Area based team was built from the ground up and successful.

PS. Harold Ballard ran long time Captain Darryl Sittler out of town, and MLSE Peddie, Tanenbaum and Company did the very same thing to Mats Sundin in this Era.
Mess what makes you think Jim Balsillie would make a great owner???

Not to hi-jack this thread but we could go swap names of teams with single ownership till the cows come home amd prove nothing. There are good ones and very bad ones. ballard and to a degree Stavro were bad. You know," if you are not going to learn from the mistakes of history you are doomed to repeat them"

I cannot believe you think turning ownersip over to an un-named single owner would be a good thing!!! Also re Sundin, are you doing a 180 on him, MLSE ran him out of town, I thought that was your man Fletcher and I thought you supported that?

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