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04-12-2010, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by doakacola View Post
Bruins fan and BC fan and I have to tell you that hit was not a bad hit and in fact was a bad call. Joe Whitney literally stuck his ass in Blake's pelvis and his follow thru sent him over Whitney who is only 5:06. it was not a dirty hit at all. Your guy lost his cool several times and I lost some respect for him.
The player who was hitting Blake was 5'6" and bent down to hit Blake who is 6'2" The player hit Blake at thigh level. As for the anger, it's justifiable. Last game of the year with the player going to be signing an NHL contract after the semester. The mechanism of possible injury that would have occured would have been the following:

Strong hit at the thigh level: ACL tear with possible meniscus damage.

If the BC player could not hit another player in the torso, the BC player should not be trying to check a larger player. This isn't football with cut blocking.

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