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02-17-2005, 05:24 PM
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Some facts about the 42nd playing day, now two games to go (to be played on friday and sunday).

Lugano beats Langnau and took advantage of Davos' loss in Rapperswil to secure the first place. Jean-Pierre Dumont made an immediat impact in Bern, getting 3 points in a 7-1 win against ZSC, while Kloten could only get a 2-2 draw in Zug. Ambrý played awfully in the "nobody can loose this one" game against Geneva and lost 3-2. Lausanne's game against Fribourg ended after the second period with Fribourg ahead 4-3 because of a problem with the ice. The league decided to award the game 5-0 to Fribourg.

The league also decided to change its decision concerning the Lausanne-Ambrý game, where Ambrý broke the import player rule. The result, changed at first to a 5-0 Lausanne win, was changed back to a 6-2 Ambrý win.

So with 42 games for every teams, the standings look like this :

1. Lugano 61
2. Davos 56
3. ZSC 46
4. Rapperswil 45
5. Zug 45
6. Ambrý 43
7. Geneva 43
8. Bern 41
9. Kloten 41
10. Fribourg 31
11. Langnau 30
12. Lausanne 22

Friday's games :

Davos - Lausanne
Fribourg - Langnau
Geneva - Lugano
Kloten - Ambrý
ZSC - Rapperswil
Zug - Bern

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