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04-12-2010, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post
Fox saw his ratings and backed away...
Wrong actually. FOX apparently couldn't get out of their syndication deals.. They definitely wanted him.
Many of Fox's O&O and affiliate stations were locked into long-term syndication deals for the time slot following their local late night news. "They couldn't unwind the long-term syndication deals with 30 Rock and The Office," a source tells us. Insiders stress that Fox still wanted Conan despite the structural issues. They also insist Peter Rice did everything he could, but that a deal just couldn't be made immediately. They say Fox wasn't shell-shocked by today's news and in fact knew about it in advance, but the broadcast network had agreed to keep all information confidential while O'Brien negotiated elsewhere and sealed the deal.
And also...

10:20 AM UPDATE: The news that Conan O'Brien has picked a new TV home comes just as Conan kicks off his comedy tour today. Yes, this venue is a surprise. But these days, it's not like there's a big difference between a network and a cable show: all those 500+ channels seem indistinguishable. And TBS has done a terrific job branding and promoting Lopez Tonight. (O’Brien began talks in earnest with TBS just last week, after George Lopez personally called him to ask that he consider joining the network’s late-night line-up. “I can’t think of anything better than doing my show with Conan as my lead-in,” Lopez said. “It’s the beginning of a new era in late-night comedy.”)

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