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04-12-2010, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Chief View Post
Calling this Lundqvist's best season is a joke. He led led the NHL in shootout victories last season with 9 wins and only 4 losses. This season he was 3 and 3 (including the season-ending shootout loss with Philly) and he had only the 34th best shootout save percentage this season.

He went from being dominant in the shootout to being less than average. For that reason alone you can't call this his best season.

BTW - Checking the game logs, it looks like Lundqvist was pulled from games 6 times this season and was only pulled 3 times from games last season.
This can't be Lundqvist's best season solely because he wasn't good in the shootout, a gimmick? Ridiculous. How about analyzing his play during the actual game of hockey?

Were those shootout loses solely because of him, or because or shootout lineup is utterly awful and can't score? Was he exhausted by the time he got to the shootout because he faced close to 50 shots during the game, like yesterday?

Take a look at the some of the goalies who led the league in shootout wins: Bryzgalov, Quick, Anderson, LaBarbera. Shootout wins mean little in determining goaltending quality over the course of a season.

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