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Originally Posted by beavboyz View Post
HTH slapshot Schedule
So this is what we are thinking as a general guideline. Currently in week 1, trying to spread the word of the slapshot challenge. Any help is appreciated

Week 1
- Launch / promotion
Week 2/3 - Challenge a friend
Week 2/3 - Show us what you got (posting videos, mention where you need help, what you think you could improve on)
Week 4 - We post How to take a slapshot
Week 4 - We post How to improve slapshot power
Week 4/5 - Take 5000 shots focusing on technique and power
Week 6 - Share what you learned / what worked for you - we have technique down, now accuracy
Week 7 - How to Improve slapshot accuracy
Week 8 - Take 5000 shots focusing on accuracy
Week 9 - Share what you learned
Week 10 - We post workouts to improve slapshot power
Week 11 - Workout shoot, workout, shoot
Share results and tips
Post before and after and how much you improved

Any thoughts / recommendations?
Sounds good to me, I take around 100 slapshots a day anyways so it'll be interesting to just...increase that number by 350% a day and see what happens

By the way are we supposed to post our "beginning" videos in this thread or somewhere else? I'll probably have mine some time this week...without a radar though.

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