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04-12-2010, 08:18 PM
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After a great deal of consideration I think I would give it to Henrik to. I think Crosby is the best player in the league, and I think he had a tremendous season all things considered. Ovechkin is TERRIBLY overated, like most exciting players (ie pavel bure, and guy lafluer).

Having said all of that, when you count every factor I can think of, I honestly can't give it to Crosby over Henrik this season.

Crosby outscored Henrik, led the league in goals, was great on face offs, and had little help from linemates.

Henrik had more points, was easily the leagues best setup man, played better defense, was in a much more difficult conference, played much of the season with a bad back, and ate up significantly less ice time at both ES and on the PP.

I don't like Harts going to goalies since I think they essentially play a completely different sport then the skaters, they already have an award, and if you were to go by the letter of it a goalie would win every year.

I think on some levels its a tough call, but the more I think about it and factor everything in that I would as a voter, Henrik would be my man.

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