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Originally Posted by budster View Post
To sum up, you want to base your buying decision on:
  1. Curve Patterns
  2. Flex
  3. Length
Material is also a factor, but you probably won't be able to tell the difference at first. If you buy a one piece composite, experimenting with different blade patterns can be very costly, so I would start with a two, and use a blade that is moderate/med in most categories and adjust from there. Flex is measured as how many lbs of pressure are required to bend the stick 1"--try to find one that has a little give when you are setting up for a wrist shot, but doesn't bend too easily. If you aren't sure what length, start with about the chin on skates and adjust from there. Be careful, because cutting the stick will change the flex, making it stiffer. As far as looks go, you're on your own. Good luck!
Three most important things are lie, lie, and lie.

Curves, you can adjust to. Some are vary slightly.
Flex, has some baring on your play, but you can still play effectively with a flex not to your liking.
Length, thins called a hacksaw corrects pretty quickly.

The wrong lie will have a bigger impact on your shooting and puck control then all three of those others combined.

1 Lie (make sure it's correct)
2 Flex (the proper flex can have a big impact on your shooting)
3 Lie (it's seriously that important)

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